Classes » Semantics & Logic
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Description
Media - Aliens & TV 1/29/2008UnknownDownloadYou are an Alien who has just landed on Earth. You will form your opinion of American culture from viewing TV.
Media - Commercials within TV Shows 1/29/2008UnknownDownloadStudents will evaluate the number of commercials in a TV show and their impact.
Media - Life in the Past 1/29/2008UnknownDownloadStudents will explore their buying patterns in relationship to two generations ago (grandparents).
Media - VALS Survey Analysis 1/29/2008UnknownDownloadStudents will evaluate the results from their VALS survey.
Media - Who Controls It? 1/29/2008UnknownDownloadStudents will investigate the owner/operators of major media categories/outlets and their influence.
Media Rubric 2/3/200824.00 KBDownloadRubric for Alien Encounter, Who Controls Media, Make Your Own Commercial
Meida - Commercial of Worthless Product 1/29/2008UnknownDownloadStudents create a commercial to sell a worthless product.
VALS Survey 1/28/2008UnknownDownloadSurvey that determines your consumer habits.

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