Research Papers
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize Description
Disecting the Face of American EducationSuperUser Account 6/4/200878.50 KBDownloadAn introduction to issues of multicultural education, particularly dealing with various cultures in a single class setting. Real classroom data analyzed.
Recommended Resources for Bible StudySuperUser Account 4/30/201245.00 KBDownloadA list of recommended books and resources by category and level of expertise.
False Teachings of the Hebrew Isrealite ChurchesSuperUser AccountApologetics8/19/2007232.50 KBDownloadA 32 page refutation of the Hebrew Israelite Churches "About Us" Paper, including in-text biblical citations (full text) and over 60 footnotes.
Natural Theology in ApologeticsSuperUser AccountApologetics8/11/200739.50 KBDownloadAn introduction & critique of the use of Natural Revelation as a means of conversion.
Choosing A Bible TranslationSuperUser AccountHermeneutics (Traditional)4/30/2012211.00 KBDownloadA brief explanation of the different translations available and how to choose the one that's best for you.
Discourse Analysis in 1 JohnSuperUser AccountLinguistics4/12/200844.50 KBDownloadThis is the second of three papers dealing with this topic. This paper begins to discuss some of the actual issues in 1 John.
Discourse Analysis, Hermeneutics & 1 Jn 1:1-2:11SuperUser AccountLinguistics4/12/2008464.00 KBDownloadThe third in this series. This grad school thesis argues that the linguistic study of discourse analysis must be integrated into traditional hermeneutics in order to more accurately interpret the text. It uses 1 John 1:1-2:11 as its case in point.
Introductory Issues in Discourse Analysis & 1 JohnSuperUser AccountLinguistics4/12/2008114.00 KBDownloadThis paper is the first of three dealing with Discourse Analysis and 1 John. This particular paper deals with Introductory Issues.
The Language of the New Testament SuperUser AccountLinguistics4/12/20081.31 MBDownloadThis paper discusses the language(s) that Jesus spoke, the language of the first century, and its relationship to the study of the Bible.
New EvangelicalismSuperUser AccountTheology4/12/200869.00 KBDownloadExplains the historical and theological changes in Evangelicalism.
Pentecostals, TheSuperUser AccountTheology7/29/200835.00 KBDownloadA paper examining the historical and theology origins of Pentecostal theology.

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53SuperUser AccountOT - Prophets12/15/201178.00 KBDownload
Identity in ChristSuperUser AccountIdentity5/6/200948.50 KBDownload

Position Papers
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Dilemma in Christian Education, TheSuperUser Account 9/10/200931.50 KBDownload
Doctrinal StatementSuperUser AccountTheology4/12/200856.00 KBDownload

Power Points
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Proverbs, Interpreting SuperUser AccountProverbs7/29/200842.50 KBDownload
Proverbs OutlineSuperUser AccountProverbs6/4/2008194.50 KBDownload
Wisdom and the Will of GodSuperUser AccountProverbs6/4/20081.04 MBDownload
You Are What You Eat!SuperUser AccountKingdom Education10/8/20102.96 MBDownload
Wisdom, The Path ofSuperUser AccountProverbs6/4/20081.18 MBDownload
Ant, TheSuperUser AccountProverbs6/4/20081.17 MBDownload
AngelsSuperUser AccountTheology6/4/2008287.00 KBDownload
JusticeSuperUser AccountJustice6/4/20082.34 MBDownload
OppressionSuperUser AccountJustice6/4/200877.50 KBDownload
Kingdom Bible Curriculum that Impacts CultureSuperUser AccountKingdom Education10/8/20104.95 MBDownload

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